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Electronic Toll Charges

Automatic payment of electronic tolls, with the association of a credit card, Master card and Visa to the license plate of the vehicle.

WHERE TO ACCESS:  welcome points located at the border posts at the following locations EN13 Vila Nova de Cerveira, A24 Chaves, A25 - Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

HOW TO ACCESS:   The driver, not having to leave the vehicles, enters the credit card in the payment terminal and the system automatically associates the vehicle,s license plate to the credit card.  The tolls rates owed are directly debited to th account associated with the card.

VALIDITY:  At the time of accession, valid for 30 days, a ticket is issued as proof and must be kept.  The driver is always able to change the license plates or cancel the membership, through the call centre 707500 501 [National] or 00351 212 879 555 [from abroad] or

PRE-DEFINED VALUES:  Predefined values can be bought with pre-defined values for tolls payment for a given vehicles used exclusively on motorways without manual tolls payment and only foreign license plate vehicles.  The prepaid cards are valid on all the electronic toll motorways/highways [Multi-Lane-Free-Flow / SCUT].  You can buy as much cards a you want.

On the values you pay 0.60 cents + tax


Post Offices

Gas stations at the highways for instance GALP, CEPSA, BP


HOW TO ACTIVATE: When you have bought your card you get a code [scratch] on the card.  Scratch the surface away and you see the code.  This code you send with an SMS to + 351 922 29 89 89 with text: CTTCD* number of your license plates * code

Example :  CTTCD*112A3*1A2A4A7A9

You can also activate it via internet:

You can activate until 4 codes per SMS.  After that you get an SMS back which says that you have activated the total amount of money + your license number (in English, French or Spanish)

The toll network maps can be found on the web site you can click on them to enlarge them..

SMS - ALERT: You will get an SMS-alert when your amount of money is insufficient when you pass a toll port.  On that moment you need to buy [or activate on internet] a new card.  The card keep value for 1 year.  You can get information about the value on the web site, just by putting your license number and the activation code you got when you bought it.

In the Algarve you can also buy a 1 way card at the Spanish border and back to the Spanish border on the CEPSA petrol station on the A22 near Olhao.

Remember:  besides electronic toll highways there are also the normal toll highways, where you have to take a ticket that the beginning and pay at the end [ex: A2 from Lisbon to the Algarve].

We tried to give you the best information about the electronic highways.  When the information is not right, please contact us at or

Have a safe and enjoyable journey